Why do MPs have such long holidays?

It is a common myth that MPs have ludicrously long holidays. Parliament went into recess last week. With the exception of two weeks in September, MPs will not return for two and a half months.

But, Parliament not sitting is not the same thing as MPs not working.

I can’t speak for others, but I’m not taking any time off in August. I will be cracking on with a range of things relating to my responsibilities outside of Westminster, including:

  • Working on a paper to submit to the local government finance review relating to the funding formula – making the case for a fairer deal in Elmbridge and Surrey, given the level of taxes we pay.
  • Liaising with councillors, GPs and schools about implementation of the government’s NHS and schools reforms.
  • Preparing a pamphlet on counter-terrorism strategy for a think-tank.
  • Erika and I are liaising with local charities to see what we can do to help deliver the ‘Big Society’ agenda.
  • And I will be speaking at six open, town-hall style, public meetings across the constituency – so residents have an opportunity to grill me on anything they like.

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  1. Hi Mr Raab,

    I'm glad to hear that you'll be appearing at fora where your constituents can ask you questions or bring their problems to you for help.

    For all of those who won't be able to make these events, could you please explain why you've withdrawn your email address from http://www.theyworkforyou.com, preventing constituents contacting you by a means that is extremely convenient to a great many of us?


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