Planning and Local Democracy

Planning is a red hot local issue in Elmbridge, a borough which is 57% greenbelt. I have regularly posted comment on the need to protect the greenbelt, but also address the lack of affordable housing locally.

The South East plan imposed top-down targets of nearly 6,000 new housing units in Elmbridge. The newly elected government scrapped that strait-jacket target, and left councils to set their own policy in consultation with local communities. Elmbridge borough council is now actively seeking local views on a draft plan. The consultation lasts until 4 October, so I urge everyone with a view on this key issue to click here , to feed in your opinion direct to the council via their website and/or write to your local borough councillor.

Planning policy is a vital local issue. The new government has strengthened local democratic control in this area. So, this is the time and opportunity to have your say!