Walton Charity – Launch of Community Grants

On Friday, I joined Walton Charity CEO, Jackie Lodge, Trustee Chairman, Barry Cheyne, and an array of wonderful local organisations – from Chelsea FC to Elmbridge Community Link – for the formal launch of Walton Charity’s Community Grants program.
It is a great initiative. The idea is to allow Walton Charity – going now for over 800 years – to support other bespoke specialist charities in the area, on a grant basis, whether it is Rentstart helping homeless people to find accommodation, or Elmbridge Youth Support Services. The aim is to develop the team work amongst local voluntary sector groups, to plug the gaps in service provision or financial support.
To my mind, it shows how Walton Charity – on top of its existing support for the homeless – has its eye on the strategic big picture. It was a terrific event, a showcase of some of the inspirational local groups serving the less well off in our borough, as well as an opportunity to discuss the wider economic and social challenges we face in tough economic times. And I also got to cut the cake!