Affordable Homes in Elmbridge

The UK has a major shortage of affordable homes. The parlous state of the public finances has made filling the gap more difficult – although, it has to be said, more affordable homes have been built in each year under the coalition, than in any of the thirteen under Labour. At a local level, the need for new homes runs in tension with planning restrictions, and the understandable local desire to check urban sprawl and protect our open spaces. It’s a fine balance. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t make progress.

On Friday, I opened a new block of affordable homes at Imber Cross, in Thames Ditton (pictured below with Alistair Court-Smith Chairman of Rosemary Simmons and Cllr James Browne of Elmbridge Borough Council).

The new appartments are energy-efficient, affordable homes built by the Rosemary Simmonds Housing Association in close collaboration with Elmbridge borough council. They look great – outside and in – and are just what we need to give young families and key workers an opportunity to live in the borough.