Inventing a Sport

On Friday, I took up Rashid Ahmad on his offer to pop by Hersham village hall to hear about a new sport he founded, Touch Tennis. I hadn’t realised quite what I’d let myself in for. Far from a relaxed chat, I was challenged to take off my suit jacket, don a Touch Tennis t-shirt and take to the court.
Rashid came up with the idea of Touch Tennis in his backgarden with his young daughter, looking for a more relaxed and fun way to emulate the professionals. It is a smaller court, shorter rackets and sponge balls. It has less emphasis on power and technique, and more on guile and cunning. It’s cheaper to play and more accessible to all ages, not least for those who want to get up off the sofa but may not fancy buying whites and an expensive racket, let alone a club subscription. The sport has taken off in 21 countries. You can find out more about it here. It’s great fun, and I can see it going from strength to strength.