Cobham Chatterbus Launch

Today, I joined Sir Gerry Acher, Councillor Mary Lewis and Ian Nelson for the launch of the Chatterbus for the Cobham area. Given the importance of local public transport links for many in the community, this pioneering group led a team of local volunteers in setting up the Chatterbus service via a not-for-profit company. The aim is to provide residents with affordable bus access to local retail shopping facilities, community services like the Jobcentre in Weybridge and other local amenities.
Funding has come from Elmbridge Borough Council, Surrey County Council, Chelsea FC and other local businesses. For further information on the services, timetable and fares, click here.
It’s a fantastic inititiative, and I joined the team (as pictured below) for the first service running from Cobham station into the village at 7.27am this morning!