Conviction Politics?

During a general election campaign, the candidates stand on their party’s manifesto and their own local record. But, I also find that I get asked a lot what my personal core convictions are. What drives me personally? What are my priorities as a nationally elected representative participating in writing the laws of the land and setting the national agenda?

The bottom line is that I went into politics to fight for free enterprise, liberty and a more meritocratic society. What does that mean in practice? Here are six of my key priorities to give you a flavour of my own personal vision of a better Britain …

  1. I want lower taxes and less red tape, so Britain creates jobs and prosperity in a competitive world.
  2. I want to smash monopolies, so small businesses can compete and customers have greater choice.
  3. I want more free speech and less political correctness for a healthier democracy.
  4. I want terrorists and criminals under surveillance, not all law-abiding citizens.
  5. I want more ladders of opportunity, so youngsters from any background can be successful.
  6. I want to strengthen your democratic voice – including more local democracy, a right of recall over MPs, and an EU referendum.

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