Turning the corner?

This week was a good week for the Conservative election campaign. Following a clear win for David Cameron in the BBC Question Time Leaders’ interviews, the Financial Times and The Economist both backed him to stay PM, a further vote of confidence in our economic record. Ed Miliband’s refusal to apologise for Labour’s record of excessive government spending jarred, while his shenanigans with the SNP have only heightened the sense of nervousness south of the border. The polls have also been, on balance, more favourable and there is a feeling of positivity amongst troops on the ground.

Locally, across Esher & Walton constituency, we continue delivering leaflets, turning out at train stations, hosting public meetings and generally getting our message across to people on the doorstep. This election campaign has felt like a long slog, because it (unofficially at least) started so early. But, we’ve some made modest headway this week, leaving us better placed going into the final week of the campaign, when many undecided voters make up their mind.