Whiteley Village

On Friday, I visited Whiteley Village to catch up with Chair, Peter Wilkinson, Chief Executive, Chandra McGowan, and above all local residents. I was briefed on Whiteley’s plans for the future, and some of their innovative ideas for making sure the retirement village continues, for the long-term, to deliver flexible and high quality housing and – where appropriate – wider nursing and other social support for residents.
I also chatted with some Whiteley residents (see below – Alan, Valerie, Mike, Josie and Jasmine) on their experience at Whiteley, and I heard about the range of activities keeping them busy and fit (from line-dancing to aerobics!). The meeting was, of course, also an opportunity for them to quiz me on local and national issues, and we discussed local policing, pension credits and housing benefit. As ever, I benefited hugely from their insights, and left Whiteley inspired and impressed by both the residents and the dedicated management team.