Hampton and Molesey Riverside Trust

Last week, I went to Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare to meet with the members of the Hampton and Molesey Riverside Trust (HMRT). The Trust is an organisation for, and made up of, those who live near the River Thames. It can be challenging for people who want to protect the river or have an interest in its wildlife, as often they have to deal with the different overlapping authorities and MPs given the different constituency boundaries which rivers flow through. So, it was a pleasure to go down and listen to HMRT and see what I might be able to do to help.

During the meeting – with a glorious view of the Thames – we discussed local development, the importance of removing illegally moored boats on the river, Molesey Sea Scouts and their plans for a new boules pitch on Molesey riverside. I agreed to follow up with the relevant authorities where I might be able to help. It was great to hear about the work that the Trust is doing for all those who enjoy the River Thames in this beautiful and historic setting.