Milbourne Lodge School

On Friday, I visited Milbourne Lodge School in Esher, to speak to pupils about next month’s EU Referendum, having being invited by class teacher Miss Slatter and headteacher Mrs Waite. Milbourne Lodge places a strong emphasis on discussing current affairs and promoting British values.

I was asked to talk about  the European Union and the case for leaving – I checked and, yes, they have another speaker making the case for Remain. I explained that it’s a head and heart argument. For me, my head says that outside of the EU, the UK will face less red tape for small businesses, be freed up to trade globally with more energy, and regain control over our borders. Perhaps even more powerfully, my heart says that by leaving the EU, the UK would be master of her own destiny.

The pupils were engaged and thoughtful. They asked a range of interesting questions. It was great to see young people getting so involved in what is an important moment in our country’s history – particularly for future generations.