Theresa May becomes the next Conservative Prime Minister

I have just come from a meeting of the Conservative 1922 Committee and the steps of the St Stephens’ entrance to the House of Commons, where first MPs and then the media greeted our next Prime Minister, Theresa May.

The last few months have been a political whirlwind, and Andrea Leadsom’s dignified withdrawal from the Conservative leadership contest was the latest twist. Now, we have a new PM. She gave MPs a heartening and strong mission statement – including delivering on Brexit, building a society for everyone, and forging a stronger national sense of unity of purpose.

Theresa May will take office on Wednesday after PMQs. It will be incumbent on all of us to support her in delivering on our manifesto promises, succesfully withdrawing from the EU, and above all striving for a unity of purpose across both the Conservative party and – more importantly – the wider country.