GCSE Citizenship at Esher High School

This morning, I visited Esher High School to meet with two year 10 students who got in touch with me about their GCSE Citizenship project. Lucie Hepworth and Abbie Marskell (pictured with me above), in Miss Lockheart’s class, have started a campaign for fully-subsidised travel for under-18s on all London buses. Currently, fares are subsidised for 16 and 17 year olds who aren’t eligible for free travel, but at 75p a journey that still means an annual cost of around £288 to get to and from school. The students’ campaign calls on the Mayor of London to remove that cost entirely.

I was really impressed with Lucie and Abbie’s pitch to me today. Following our meeting, I agreed to write to Sadiq Khan to ask what more can be done to help young people with the cost of travel in London. The campaign has clearly been the result of a lot of research and hard work, and I hope they have a well-earned break when the summer holidays start next week.