Esher District Local History Society

Last Thursday, I visited the Esher District Local History Society. The group showed me some historical postcards of Parliament and I talked to the group about some of the recent historical moments in my time as an MP, including the Coalition in 2010, the Scottish Referendum in 2014 and the EU Referendum last year. I also explained why the majority of what an MP does attracts little media recognition including regular surgeries for constituents, championing the community in debates as well as private meetings, and the detailed scrutiny of law-making.

I took questions for 30 minutes on a range of issues including the terrorist attack in Westminster on 22 March, the Elmbridge Community Fund (which I helped to set up) and cross-party working in the House of Commons.

The History Society is a terrific group, and I was thrilled that they have donated £100 to the Elmbridge Community Fund. I pay particular credit to Paul Langton, Chairman, and David Taylor, President (both pictured with me below). The group presented me with a wonderful book called ‘Britain’s Prime Ministers from Walpole to Wilson’ which was published by one of the Society’s founding members in 1968, the same year that the Society was formed.

You can read more about the History Society here.