County Council Elections

Congratulations to all our Conservative County Councillors elected yesterday. It was a strong set of results for us on bread and butter local issues. In Elmbridge, we saw important gains in support, and I was proud to campaign alongside our excellent local team.

Now, we turn to the General Election, which will naturally shift the focus to national issues. We will not be complacent or take anything for granted. There is too much at stake from the vibrancy and vigour of our economy to the crucial Brexit negotiations that lie ahead.

It would be wrong to rest on our laurels, and I certainly won’t be doing that. I look forward to running on my record of championing our communities in Esher and Walton. I will be explaining the important progress we have made on expanding school places, easing overcrowding on South West Trains and delivering more local health services in the community. I will be defending the Greenbelt, and talking about the work we have done on the Elmbridge Community Fund to support local groups from SAY Youth Club in Cobham to Walton Stroke Group.

Ultimately, the election on 8 June will be about the future direction of our country. The Conservatives will be seeking a mandate to keep our economy firing on all cylinders, because that’s what creates the jobs, pays people’s salaries, and funds our precious public services. We will also be seeking a mandate to deal with burning social issues of our day – including making our education system even stronger for every child whatever their aptitude and irrespective of their background, and reforming social care to look after our elderly residents. And on Brexit, with a tough negotiation ahead, we will be making the case that only the Conservatives have the plan and resolve to secure the best deal for the whole country. The choice is between the strong leadership of Theresa May driving that negotiation to success, and some chaotic alternative with Labour’s weak and floundering Jeremy Corbyn at the helm. Any vote for the Liberal Democrats, in this context, can only weaken our prospects of securing the very best deal for Britain.