Out on the Doorstep

After the horrific events in Manchester, election campaigning has resumed. That is as it should be. We cannot allow the terrorists to win by disrupting our election. Still, it has been a painful week for the country, and a sobering one for politicians. While the election campaigning and debate played out in the national media will resume its noisey and rambunctious nature, I am struck by how measured people are out on the door-step.

This week, I have been relentlessly knocking on doors and delivering leaflets in West Molesey, Walton on Thames – and I was out doing a ‘dawn raid’ greeting commuters at Walton Train Station from 6.30am this morning. Tomorrow, I will be out and about in Oxshott, before moving on to Cobham Farmers’ market. I am trying to cover as much ground as possible, and have as many direct personal conversations as I can. It takes up a lot of time to do this properly – and we’re less than two weeks away from polling day – but I find it the most effective way to explain my local record and the Conservative vision for the future.

I’m also doing a Radio 5 Live debate from 6pm on Sunday (28th May), and the BBC Radio Surrey debate on 30 May, advertised here, and a local hustings at St Christophers Church in Hinchley Wood on Monday 5 June. It’s difficult to cram it all in, because there has been less time to plan for this election than normal – but that makes the local campaigning all the more important.