Vote Conservative on Thursday

On Thursday, voters in Esher and Walton constituency will decide who they want as their next MP, and who will lead the government. Please vote for me as your local MP, and a Conservative government under Theresa May, for three reasons.

First, as your local MP, I have fought your corner with my heart and soul – to cut income tax so the vast majority of our constituents take home £1,000 more each year (compared to 2010), deliver two new state secondary schools by 2020, add extra carriages on our local trains to ease overcrowding, and secure extra health services including £1million towards a new air ambulance for the area. On Brexit, I have consistently argued that we should strive for a ‘win-win’ deal with our EU friends on trade, security and wider cooperation.

Second, only the Conservatives under Theresa May as our Prime Minister can provide the strength of leadership Britain needs, to keep the economy firing on all cylinders, generate the tax revenue to invest in our precious public services, protect our national security, deliver controlled immigration and – above all else – deliver a successful Brexit, whichever way you voted in the referendum last year.

Third, the last thing the country needs right now is a chaotic coalition of bickering smaller parties (including the Lib Dems, Greens and SNP) propping up a split Labour government, led by a weak and floundering leader in Jeremy Corbyn. That would be an economic disaster, weaken our security, and increase the risk of failure in these vital Brexit negotiations.