Re-Election as MP for Esher & Walton

I am delighted, honoured and humbled to have been re-elected in the early hours of this morning as the MP for Esher and Walton constituency (pictured below with my fellow candidates and Elmbridge Mayor, Rachael Lake). I gained almost the same number of votes as in 2015, and was returned with a majority of over 23,000. I look forward to taking forward the plans I set our during the campaign for extra school places, better local rail services and more NHS services in the community.

Overall, it was a disappointing night for the Conservatives. Nevertheless, it needs to be placed in some historic perspective. We won more votes than Tony Blair and Labour did in 1997. The Conservatives won the largest vote share on the night, and we won by far the largest number of seats in the House of Commons. On that basis, I expect Theresa May to form a government with support from the DUP, so we can provide some certainty and take the country forward in the Brexit negotiations, maintain a strong economy, and protect our national security in light of the recent terrorist attacks.