Elmbridge Community Fund

In January 2015, I helped to launch the Elmbridge Community Fund (ECF). The ECF works in partnership with a range of local community and voluntary groups in Elmbridge, including those working with isolated older people, those affected by long-term illnesses and disabilities, and young people living in poverty and disadvantage. The ECF award grants to support their work. For example, it has donated £2,400 to SAY Youth Club, £1,300 to the Oasis Children’s Centre and £1,000 to Walton Stroke Group.

The ECF aims to build permanent fund that people can donate to, either as a one-off, or spread over time, to provide a sustainable source of funding to support the evolving needs of our community.

The ECF has put together a short film explaining what it does – and why!

You can watch the video below and read more about how to donate to the ECF here.