Elmbridge SMEs Show Impressive Growth

A new report published today puts Elmbridge’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) amongst the UK’s most productive and fastest growing. The report, from innovation foundation NESTA and business support company SAGE, identified 8,470 SMEs in Elmbridge across 15 sectors, employing 36,892 people, with science and technology businesses coming out as the authority’s largest SME employers.

Elmbridge SMEs saw a 20.4% increase in productivity from 2013-2016, while their turnover increased by 29.1% over the same period. This allowed them to reward their hard-working employees well, and importantly, these jobs are well remunerated, paying an average full-time salary of £37,993.

SMEs have created 73% of all new jobs since 2010 and are crucial to our strong economic growth. You can view all of the statistics for Elmbridge here, and read the full report here.