Magnitsky Awards

Last week, I was honoured to attend the Sergei Magnitsky Human Rights Awards in London, where I was presented with the Political Campaigner Award.

Sergei Magnitsky was a Russian lawyer who was tortured and murdered in 2009, whilst in state detention, for disclosing the biggest tax fraud in Russian history. Last year, as a backbench MP, I led a cross-party coalition of MPs across eight political parties which secured an amendment to the Criminal Finances Act, to enable the freezing of assets of individuals responsible for gross human rights abuses, who then try to launder their blood money through Britain.

It is something of a tragic honour to receive such an award. But, the event highlighted the hard work and dedication of those campaigning for justice.

The annual awards ceremony, was attended by a range of human rights activists, lawyers and journalists who have contributed to the global Magnitsky campaign.