Tesco team up with Walton-Hersham Foodbank

Today, I went down to West Molesey Tesco, to thank Neil Tombs, Nina Malyon (pictured below) and their volunteers from Walton & Hersham Foodbank for the Christmas Food Collection scheme they are running.

The idea is to support our local Foodbanks at Christmas. Those on low incomes can really feel the pinch at this time of year. While Christmas is an exciting time for most of us, those struggling financially may find they need some extra support at what can be a really challenging time.

The scheme is a good example of business and the voluntary sector working together as a team – and the public response has been amazing. The volunteers drop flyers to people entering the store, listing items that are particularly in demand. Shoppers, then, can put an extra jar of coffee or carton of fruit juice into their trolley, and donate it on their way out. Walton-Hersham Foodbank then distribute it to those clients referred to them in the normal way. I pay tribute to the volunteers who give up their time to help out, and the shoppers for their generosity and sense of community spirit.