Championing Local Concerns on Heathrow

I am grateful that Heathrow took up my suggestion of holding some local consultation events in Elmbridge, giving residents the opportunity to voice their concerns around noise levels and broader issues related to the proposed expansion. Today, Heathrow were down in Imber Court in Molesey. On 12 March they will be at the Cecil Hepworth Playhouse in Walton – full details of all the local events can be found here.

Today, I went along with our local Molesey team (from left to right below – Peter Szanto, Paul Wood, myself, Steve Bax and Terence Alexander). We reiterated our concerns about noise levels and air quality – and the need for clear limits and independent monitoring. We also discussed proposals on improved rail links to make sure expansion does not make local road congestion worse. Please make sure you respond to the consultation, by attending a local event or registering your views here. This is an opportunity to help shape the solutions to these problems.