Whiteley Village – Enjoying Life to the Full

Last week, I joined the retirement community at Whiteley Village as they launched a new Care Hub. Whiteley is an inspirational place, where retirees come to relax and be part of a community, while various levels of care are provided to support independent living as well as those who need more nursing or medical support in their twilight years.

The village is home to both self-funders and those of limited means – in accordance with the ethos of the founder William Whiteley. It is an innovative and inspirational example of how care in the community can be done in a personal and nurturing way.

So, I was delighted to come and put the first shovel in the ground, as they build the new hub. The idea is to create a facility that can provide nursing for those who need it, whilst also enabling family members to come, relax and spend time with their elderly relatives in comfort. The hub will use technology to link up with the other homes across the village, helping the residents to live independently with the comfort of knowing care or help is at hand whenever it is needed. My thanks and congratulations to the Whiteley Village leadership team – including Chairman Peter Wilkinson and CEO Chandra McGowan – and above all to the wonderful residents who bring the community to life.